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Who are we?
We have over 40 years of diving experience on our staff.

What are we here for?
There are also new divers being certified annually and we would like to introduce them to past divers and add them to our dive family.

How can you participate?
Easy. If you are certified and wish to dive with us just Email us and we will tell you what you need and how to reach one of our instructors.

If you are not certified and have taken the scuba class at QC e-mail us (include your name with the date and semester that you took the class).

How can you learn to dive?
If you have never been certified and wish to become a certified diver we have what you need also. Email us . Make sure that you request information for non-divers.

What do you need to become a certified diver?
Nothing. We have or can get any equipment that you need or want. Just e-mail us and come ready to be the best diver and one of the Wet n Wild Divers family.

What certifications can you get?
American Red Cross
PADI Medic First Aid
Ask about others.

What type of Diving do we do?
We do Deep, Wreck, Night, Boat, Drift.
You can also get several specialties like: Nitrox and many more.
We even do lobster diving.
If it’s wet we dive it.

What equipment do you need?
You need: mask, fins, snorkel and BCD. You can purchase these items at your local dive shop or e-mail us about our shop.
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QC SCUBA • 3282 Sunrise Highway • Wantagh, NY 11793 • Phone: 516.826.SCBA (7222) • Fax: 425.962.2920 •